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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Tamara's Mini Lube Reviews

Slippery Stuff gets high marks from me. It was indeed slippery and, a bonus, tasteless. Not as thick or long-lasting as Probe but darned effective.

Liquid Silk doesn't score as well. It's from the same company that manufactures Maximus and it shared the same problems. It just didn't have that slick staying power and don't use it if you're gonna be putting your mouth anywhere near it. It tastes awful. And, as with Maximus, a burning sensation upon use is not ideal. Won't be using this one again that's for sure.

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Family Togetherness

Well, we're celebrating Cal's birthday today (it was last Wednesday—8/27) and my father is driving me CRAZY! I told everyone get to my house by 1 pm and I would have hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad and baked beans for everyone to eat. Well, my mom and dad got here on time but my dad brought his own hamburger meat to cook. Now that's not a big deal but if he was gonna cook his own hamburgers they should have gotten here earlier. Agh!

I think I'm just testy because the propane grill lit suddenly while I was scooting it and I got a nice blast of heat shot at me that singed my hair. Nothing stinks worse than burning hair. And, Mike's grandmother arrived (on time) but she forgot the one freakin' thing she was supposed to bring—ice! Okay, I'm done bitching. I'll go and try not to be "in a mood."

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Blog Interview

Cool! Greta answered my interview questions. Go to The Memory Burns to read 'em.

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Freaky Friday

Once again we've done nothing productive on a Saturday. Well, I did get two issues of the Phoenix APA comb bound at Office Max. And I was a good little STAR member and made copies of the Open House flyer to put at a few local libraries. Oh, I also vacuumed and tidied the computer/family room. But other than that I did a whole lotta nothin' and it was quite fun.

We went to see Freaky Friday this afternoon and it was cute. Yet another movie that was much better than Uptown Girls. But then it's kinda hard to go wrong with the Freaky Friday premise. You'd have to be a total idiot to screw it up and make it not funny.

The performances were good although this version focused a lot more on the love lives of the mother and daughter. That was an okay change but I missed seeing the bonding between the sister (in the mom's body) and her little brother that was such a big part of the original Freaky Friday.

If you see this movie watch for Mark McClure, Boris Harris in the original FF, as a FedEx delivery man. I thought that was a nice nod to the original and a nice treat for people like me who have the uncanny ability to remember actors.

I must mention that this version of FF has a great soundtrack full of guitar-driven pop covers. Bowling for Soup even covers 'Baby One More Time' (you know, Britney Spears' big hit) and they do a fantastic job.

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Turnabout is Fair Play

Woo hoo hoo! I sent my questions off to Greta. They're pretty good ones if I do say so myself.

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Cool! An Interview!

Okay, what follows is a blog interview which is why the questions are kinda silly. The way this whole thing works is Greta Northrup posted a request on her blog, The Memory Burns, for people to interview. I responded so she sent me five questions. I then have to include the questions and my answers here on my blog (see below) and then ask for others who have blogs if they would like to be "interviewed" by me. So, if anyone reading this blog has a blog (or on-line journal) of their very own and would like to answer five weird questions, e-mail me.

1) If you were to be turned into a comic book super hero what would your super powers be? Any thoughts on a costume?

You'd think since I'm a big ol' comic book geek I'd be able to answer this quite easily. But the truth of the matter is I've never really fantastized about being a super-hero. Sure, I love reading super-hero comics but I guess I'm too grounded in the real world to have any aspirations toward the heroic life.

However, when I started reading Flaming Carrot Comics way back in my college days I came up with a Mystery Men character name for myself—Bad Attitude Lady. And the great thing about being a Mystery Man is you don't need no steenkin' costume. My every day clothes work just fine because Bad Attitude Lady can rear her sarcastic/mouthy/bitchy/mean self any ol' time.

2) You recently mentioned in your web blog that your family should be a reality TV series. What 'tricks of the trade' would you use to draw in viewers?

Lordy, I was totally being sarcastic with that one. We are so boring. Probably the only thing that might hook viewers is counting how many times I can be bleeped in an episode. I don't think I'd beat Ozzy's record but I might come close on some days.

3) If you were a color what would it be, and why?

Red because it's my favorite color and because, according to Chinese Fortune Calendar.com I was born in the year of the Red Horse so that's gotta be lucky.

4) Can I drag out the poet in you? Start with 'There once was a member in Phoenix'

You are soooo evil. Here goes nothin....

There once was a member in Phoenix.
Who didn't know how to use Kleenex.
He sneezed up a storm and couldn't perform.
So he passed the time programming for UNIX.

Okay, that sucked. But at least it rhymed.

5) Why don't you have a comments section on your blog? I keep wanting to comment back, but I can't!

Pure de laziness on my part. I like that LiveJournal has comments built in to their blogs but I went with Blogger anyway. Then, while perusing other blogs I saw that there were second-party commenting programs that people were using in their blogs. I signed up for one, Squawkbox, and then got to the fine print about the free version only being good for a year and then you had to pay 'em. Well, I promptly said to myself, "fuck that shit" and got the hell outta there. Since then I've noticed others but haven't done the research to see which one I might like to use. Not to mention the fact that my insecure side comes out and says how sad it would be to have 0 comments after every entry.

So until I get off my lazy ass and decide on something you have to comment by using the e-mail link. I know, I know, it's soooo old-fashioned.

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Friday at Last

Mike took another Friday off (he's got loads of PPL time saved up) so I haven't gotten anything constructive done today beyond washing a load of towels and running a load of dishes through the dishwasher.

Not knowing what else to do today, we went to Lake Hefner and took the bikes. Cal and I went too so we had to take two cars.

Once we arrived, Mike and Duncan rode on the bike trail and Cal and I played in the park. I put his sandals on him because the ground around the park area was covered in those wood chips that are supposed to make the ground cushier and less likely to turn into a mud puddle when it rains. He hasn't quite gotten the hang of walking in shoes yet so he fell down quite a bit but never complained. He also sampled quite a few wood chips. He seemed to have a good time roaming around the big toys and chattering. It was kinda muggy out there and by the end of our time at the park he was nice and red-faced.

I also took a turn on the bike trails with Duncan and caused him to act like a nagging ol' granny every time I would cross the yellow line into the oncoming traffic lane. Horrors! It was pretty funny. By the time Duncan and I returned to the park Duncan was ready to leave. We left and hit Braum's for some ice cream and cold water. Yummy.

Cal is asleep now and Duncan and Mike are playing Soul Caliber II. What a great game.

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Thursday, August 28, 2003

The Breasts...er, Hands of Shang Chi
From page 16 of Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu #4, February 2003; © 2002 Marvel Characters, Inc.
If you've been paying attention to the front page of this site you should know I'm woefully behind on my comic reading. So I'm just now getting around to reading the new Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu mini-series that came out under Marvel's MAX imprint a while back. It's written by Doug Moench and illustrated by Paul Gulacy (pencils) and Jimmy Palmiotti (inks).

Marvel's MAX imprint lets them stamp a little "parental advisory explicit content" box on the front of each issue and the writer and artist can be a bit more graphic than in the regular marvel line. For this mini it just means that Doug Moench can have his badass Commander Spetz character curse colorfully a la R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket. Although Spetz isn't anywhere near as colorful or as inventive as Ermey. Gulacy gets to show real blood splattering during the fistfights, swordfights, gunfights, catfights, etc. All in all, nothing much to write home about but I'm sure putting this mini under the MAX imprint got it more notice than if they had published it under the regular Marvel line.

From page 20 of Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu #4, February 2003; © 2002 Marvel Characters, Inc. In issue four I came across the most unintentionally hilarious two panels I believe I've ever seen in a comic (including any issues of Youngblood by Rob Liefeld). Both of the panels are included here for your viewing pleasure. Gulacy can be over-the-top when it comes to drawing female characters. I'm well aware of this fact but for cryin' out loud *what* was he thinking when he drew these? The two women to the right are supposed to be part of an elite MI6 commando team (led by the potty-mouth Commander Spetz). I think they need to ask for a re-assignment. I mean, look at the fellas who are with them. They get to be all suited up and armored. What do the gals get to wear? Nothing!

I laughed out loud when I came to the first one on page sixteen and then laughed even harder when I saw the poor woman on page twenty. She's bound to flash someone while she's contorting with that big ol' flame gun. And she probably has to make sure and get a good bikini wax before going into battle. Talk about firing you up to kick some butt. I also love the fact that both women are in thigh-high boots with heels—perfect for gallivanting over rugged terrain. And they wonder why more women don't read comics.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Happy Birthday!

Today is Calvin's first birthday! Since we're not celebrating it until Sunday I keep forgetting about it. But he is a whole year old today. Geez, it seems like just yesterday I was in tremendous pain and giving birth to the little squirt.

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Game Geeks

Soul Calibur 2 came out for the Gamecube today and it is really neat. When Duncan and I saw the demo for this game we knew we had to have it. How can you pass up a fighting game where they use swords and other sharp objects? I know I can't. And, another bonus, the game has several female characters.

One of the female characters, Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, can change from her total dominatrix outfit to this really butch looking renaissance gentleman outfit. Keen. I kicked butt with her until I battled Duncan playing Voldo.

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This Week’s Comics

I totally ditzed out and went a day early to pick up my comics. I blame Mike being off on Monday. It's screwed up my whole sense of time. The comic store on Wednesday is a bit of madhouse with all those comic fans hanging around to be the first to get their fix. I usually like to go on Thursday when it's quieter and I can browse without having to peer around six other people. But since I was already there I went ahead and picked 'em up early.

Here's what I got: Buffy the Vampire Slayer #60, Hellboy Weird Tales #4, Green Lantern #168, The Flash #201, JLA #85, Superman #196, Planetary #16 (finally! I'm not even sure I'll remember what the hell happened previously it's been so long between issues), Terra Obscura #3, Shades of Blue #3, Empire #2, Legion #23 (oooh, Karate Kid on the cover), and Previews so I can order still more stuff for next month.

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Big Ol’ Geek
Supergirl and Nightwing!
If you needed any further proof that I am indeed a geek, looky here at my two new action figures. They stand heroically by my keyboard and are just too cool for words. I love the fact that Peter David incorporated the Superman Animated Series Supergirl costume into the comic book universe. And then they made an action figure for that Supergirl. Keen!

The Nightwing figure I just got yesterday at Target. He was in a 2-pack with Batman but I have enough Batman figures (Duncan got him) and really just bought it for the Nightwing. He looks just like he stepped outta the comic! Way cool. Now he can go on dates with my little wheelchair-bound Barbara Gordon/Oracle.

One of the coolest things about both these action figures is they have ball and socket joint arms. Of course, the Supergirl joints aren't as well done as the Nightwing joints but, then again, she wasn't designed for ten year old boys to abuse. And no jokes about her being designed for boys "abusing themselves."

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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

We Should be a Reality TV Series

It seems like Monday to me today probably because Mike took Monday off so that felt like a Sunday. Well, Mike is back at work and the kids and I are home.

We've had an exciting day today. Calvin and I picked up clutter and vacuumed. I've folded some clothes and washed a load of towels. Then we went to Target and Office Depot to get all of Duncan's school supplies. Yes, excitement is the norm around the Hodge Lodge. Don't you wish you were here to share it?

Well, off to pick up more clutter, put clothes away and make sure Cal gets a nice, long nap today.

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Monday, August 25, 2003

Lovely and Amazing

Wow. Two movies in one day. Duncan spent the night with my mom so Mike and I took the opportunity to watch the movie we rented on Saturday, Lovely & Amazing. I remember seeing the trailer for this film in the theater and I thought it look interesting then which is why I rented it obivously. That and it stars Catherine Keener who is always interesting and has a solid track record for being in good films.

While I wouldn't describe Lovely and Amazing as the best film I've seen her in, I wouldn't say it was bad. It was more a character study of the relationships between three sisters and their mother. It was very low-key and notable for the generational insecurity of the characters. The youngest daughter, Annie, played by Raven Goodwin was adopted by the mother long after her grown daughters had left home and struggles with finding her identity among a white family. I also seem to remember that this part was the first Raven Goodwin had ever acted in which was surprising because she was quite good.

If you're looking for satisfying closure to a story, you probably shouldn't rent this movie. It just kind of ends, leaving you with the impression that the characters won't have any great revelations about their lives and will muddle through as they've done all along. But, I guess that's more like real life than tying up everything in a neat box at the end. The performances were top-notch but you'll be left feeling a little sad by the ending.

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American Wedding

Mike and I took advantage of my mom today and left the kids with her. Then we went to see American Wedding. Let me tell ya, this movie was *much* better than Uptown Girls. And, while I don't think it's gotten stellar reviews, I thought it was quite funny and just good clean (in a juvenile dirty joke kinda way) fun. Alyson Hanigan got much better lines in American Pie 2 but she looked darn cute in this movie so that kinda made up for it.

One of the cool things about actually seeing American Wedding on the big screen was you could examine the bare breasts up close and personal. I thought I spotted a plastic surgery scar (for the implants) on one of the big breasted blondes from the bachelor party gone awry scene. That was so cool! It was either a scar or a little indentation from her implant which is almost as good as spotting the scar.

Anyway, American Wedding was fun and I liked it better than American Pie 2 (except for the Aly Hanigan funny lines). Eugene Levy's character got more bonding time with his son, Jim which was nice because I love Eugene Levy and the dad he plays in these movies is so sweet. I wish my dad were like him. And, overall, I just thought it was a funnier movie.

And, yes, Stifler's mom shows up again! Jennifer Coolidge rocks.

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Boring Rambling

I ended up going to bed at 9 pm last night thanks to my allergies. 9 pm! Amazing. I shut myself in the bedroom around 8:30 because I *really* needed to be in a space where I wasn't going to be asked any questions or crawled upon.

While in my lovely space o' quiet, I read the final few issues of New Titans. What a disappointment those were. With the start of the new Teen Titans cartoon and the subsequent relaunching of the Teen Titans comic I'm guessing the creators had to wrap things up by issue 50 on somewhat short notice. Maybe not though. I haven't read an issue of Comics Buyer's Guide in well over a year so I'm outta the loop on comic book news/gossip. I just know the end of the story arc seemed abrupt and kinda lame.

Mike has taken today off. I'm not sure what we'll do but I don't think I want to be left at home with Calvin again. Mike and Duncan are going to make a trip to a friend of Mike's mom who purchased a treadmill. Her husband isn't happy about the treadmill so every time he looks at it he gets mad. Mike's going to take the offensive treadmill to his mom's house for storage. Don't we live exciting lives?

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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Bored and Allergic

It's 3 o' clock on a Sunday afternoon and I am so bored I could scream. Cal is sitting at my feet pulling things out of the digital camera bag. I'm too bored even to stop him. Oh, look, now he's chewing on a lens. It works like shit anyway.

Duncan and Mike and Duncan's friend, Ryan are at Frontier City taking advantage of Integris Health's special $5 entry fee for the day. Duncan and Ryan have season passes so they got in free. I didn't feel like schlepping through the heat, fighting to keep Cal in his stroller so we stayed home. Ever since Cal started walking he wants to do it all the time. He'll even squirm to get out of your arms so he can walk and mess with everything in his path.

And, more bitching, I'm having a wee allergy attack today. I don't know what is in the air but the past four days I've been like Sneezy from the Seven Dwarves. I'd also be Drainy (as in sinus drainage) if there were such a dwarf.

*sigh* Yes, I could be doing something constructive like folding clothes or vacuuming or making the beds. But it's SUNDAY! I do that crap all week. On Sunday I want to be lazy. Then quit whining, I know.

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Saturday, August 23, 2003

Ninety Minutes I’ll Never Get Back

Well, we had a spur-of-the-moment family movie night. Duncan, Mike and Duncan's friend Ryan went to see The Medallion and I went with Tracey and her friend Derence to see Uptown Girls. Can you guess who got to see the better movie? Can you? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't me.

Where can I start? First, Brittany Murphy really should freakin' eat something. She's too damn skinny. Okay, that has nothing to do with the movie beyond the fact that throughout the movie I kept thinking "Eat something! Eat ANYTHING!" I can only think she must have been hungry because the expression she favored most for her character made her look like someone had smacked her in the head with a two by four. It was probably hunger making her look all loopy.

Dakota Fanning, the kid lead, was probably the best actress in the film. But I can only take so much of those 'yes, I'm the lonely little rich kid who's eight years old going on 40' moments before I start to feel manipulated. If you hadn't guessed by the previews for this flick, Brittany Murphy's character is the poor older rich girl (her famous rock star dad and her mom died when she was eight) who has never had to grow up. Man, how do they think this stuff up? Do ya think it's hard?

I'm not really sure why Uptown Girls was made. It really had a t.v. movie feel about it. It wouldn't have been out of place on the ABC Family Channel or TNT. If you need any more proof that it should have been a t.v. movie, Heather Locklear has a starring role as Dakota Fanning's character's self-obsessed mom. Heather Locklear! Need I say more?

In short, Uptown Girls is a bad movie. Just say no to seeing Uptown Girls. Don't rent it when it comes out on DVD. Don't waste an hour and a half of your life when it comes on t.v. Stay far, far away from it. Trust me on this.

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Calvin’s Little Fetish

My 11 month old son, Calvin, likes to bite things. Wait. Let me clarify that. He likes to bite *everything*. That little predilection for biting is why I stopped breast feeding him earlier than I did my first son. Don’t get me wrong. Biting in that area has its place and I am certainly not averse to it but it’s just not something you expect while nursing your child.

Those of you who are familiar with the odd habits of babies will know that everything they discover goes into their mouths. If it’s a large enough item most babies will give it a little bite down. It feels good on their gums. Not Cal. He’ll bite into that thing as if to say ‘you’re my bitch and I want you to know it.’

Nothing is safe from his oral fixation. Our foam pool toys all have huge chunks torn out of them. I can’t remember the last time I peeled a potato that didn’t have a few bites taken out of it. My mother gave him a foam rubber baby book and that thing looks like a mastiff has been at it. My lovely Lone Wolf & Cub trade paperbacks have been carried around the house gripped by his pearly whites.

Even the dog isn’t safe. Our poor, patient dog, who to his credit has never bitten Cal even while he has a firm, toothy grip on his ear. He doesn’t even flinch when Cal walks right up, snatches the rawhide chew from his mouth and proceeds to gnaw on it with all eight of his powerful teeth.

And if you think we’re safe from the terrifying grip of Cal’s incisors, guess again. He’ll be giving you a lovely baby hug when all of a sudden you’ll feel him clamp down on your shoulder. The fun game of blowing raspberries on mama’s belly can turn ugly when he decides to grip a good chunk of flesh and really bite the crap out of it. I am convinced his first complete sentence will be, “No biting!”

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Friday, August 22, 2003

Today’s Fun

Duncan and Mike decided to go to Celebration Station and ride go-carts. Cal and I are staying home to wash and fold clothes and, hopefully, to write my review of Fray. Tracey offered to babysit Cal but I really want to get some stuff done here.

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To Go or Not To Go

Well, Mike has taken today off to pal around with Duncan before Duncan starts back to school in a couple of weeks. I'm not sure what they're going to do. And I don't know whether I'm going to go or not. On the one hand there's the opportunity to get out of the house on the other hand there's the need to wash clothes and perhaps get a review written while Cal is taking his nap.

Oops. Cal has absconded with my harmonica and while I don't mind him shooting his baby slobber through it I'd really rather he not step on the thing like he did his harmonica.

Okay, I rescued the harmonica. Now if he'd only go into the bedrooms and wake up Mike and Duncan.... Nooo, he'd rather chew on some raw potatoes or find paper to rip. *sigh*

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Adult Movie Nights IV

Well, we've officially watched all of the movies we rented while Duncan was in Missouri. Tonight he went to see Smokey Joe's Cafe with his Nana Gayle at the Lyric Theatre so we took the opportunity to watch our last movie.

Real Women Have Curves was the best of this last bunch of movies. It follows a fresh out of high school Mexican-American teenager in Los Angeles as she tries to deal with life and her traditional family. Her mother Carmen, played by Lupe Ontiveros was a hoot. Definitely worth renting if you're looking for something different.

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Tipping the Velvet

Tipping the Velvet paperback cover.Barbara Davies, bard extraordinaire, recommended a bunch of authors she likes on her mailing list and Sarah Waters' name was among them. I researched each author on-line to see if I might like to read their books and discovered that Sarah Waters had written a book that was on my 'to read' list for the future, Tipping the Velvet. It's set in Victorian London and follows the adventures of Nancy Astley, a young woman from the English port town of Whitsable. I placed a reserve for a copy through the Metropolitan Library System since it was already checked out.

Mike and I then went to Borders to pick up the newest Little Lit book (It Was a Dark and Silly Night). I wandered over to the Lesbian fiction section because I wanted to see if they had anything new and what should I see but three (3!) copies of Tipping the Velvet. Well, by golly, I decided I should reward Borders for stocking the title so I bought it. They even had a novel by Michelle Tea (woo!) and I bought that too. Maybe my Borders Sleuth searches are having an impact on their ordering.... Anyway, back to Tipping the Velvet. I really hate it when someone tells you about a book and gives too much of the plot away so I'll just let you know that book is engrossing and funny and sad and uplifting and sexy and aw, just buy it. You won't be sorry. I'm gonna get the rest of Sarah Waters' books soon.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Honorable Number One Son Returns

Well, Duncan is back from his lovely vacation with the Grandmas. He returned a lot browner and with a larger repertoire of impressions of his Great Grandmother. Let's just say, six days with one of the Grandmas was five days too many....

Here's vintage Duncan for you. He comes to me at the front door after they first arrive and he gives me a hug. Then he steps back and says with a sentimental smile on his face, "You know what I said at breakfast today? I miss mom's cursing and yelling." Yep, I should be an evil stepmother or something.

Just so you know. He's exaggerating. I don't curse and yell. That much anyway.

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Adult Movie Nights III

Well, we have successfully watched all of the R rated movies we rented which is good because Duncan gets back today. We've got one more left to watch (it's PG-13) but I'm not sure we'll get to it tonight. Last night's movie, however, was much better than It's in the Water. When Y tu mamá también came out in the theaters (yes, it even came to OKC, imagine that) I remember practically every reviewer praising it and saying how erotic it was—"an erotic coming of age film" or something like that. Well, I'm thinkin' they missed some of the point. The two teenage boys talked a lot about sex and thought a lot about sex and there was sex in the movie but for me the most fun was watching the various inner workings of the Mexican social structure.

I do have to applaud this movie [spoiler warning here] for depicting a two men, one woman sexual liaison in a refreshing manner. The guys actually touched one another. Not only that, they kissed. Woo! But darn it all they faded to black soon after. All in all, Y tu mamá también was a good, but sad, movie.

Oh, this is a hoot. Well, I thought it was. Alfonso Cuarón is slated to direct the next Harry Potter flick. Throughout the movie Mike would interject, "I don't think we'll be seeing *that* in the next Harry Potter movie."

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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

The Culprit is Discovered

Just a short update to yesterday morning's "incident." I discovered the culprit behind the locked door to the garage. It was Tracey. Shame on her. Of course, she can't really be blamed. She locked it while baby sitting Calvin on Sunday. Safety conscious gal that she is she didn't want anyone breaking into our house while she took Cal down the street to visit the neighbors.

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Adult Movie Nights II

Movie night continues while Duncan is out of town. We're trying to finish those movies with an R rating first. Otherwise we're kinda stuck with watching them after Duncan goes to bed which is past 10 pm in the summer. Last night we watched It's in the Water.

This flick sounded a lot more interesting than it was. The problem was, this movie didn't know whether it wanted to be touching and serious or funny. It tried to be both and did neither very well. And the acting was kinda awful. It was full of 'we don't have a budget' dialogue moments—you know, let's tell you everything we could be showing you. It was a good movie for the MST3K treatment, however.

Keep your fingers crossed that tonight's movie is better....

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Update on the Day

Today turned out to be okay even with the bad start. Cal and I puttered around the house, went to the grocery story and then puttered some more. He took a nice long nap and I got some more things done while he slept. I was also kinda bad and took about thirty minutes of his nap time to read Tipping the Velvet. This was bad because I really should have been ironing shirts. That's tough to do when Cal's awake because he likes to pull on things and generally get in my way.

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Mini Lube Reviews

It's time for Tamara's mini lube reviews. Aren't you just thrilled? Probe Personal Lubricants get my highest marks. Great stuff. Stays slippery for a long time and a little goes a long way. It's also tasteless.

Maximus is another water-based lube and this one doesn't get such high marks. You have to use too much of it and I didn't think it was quite slippery enough. Plus, should you really experience a burning sensation upon use? Icky taste to this one too.

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Great Start to Monday

Who’s the fucktard who thought it would be a great idea to design locking doorknobs that, while locked, can still be opened from the inside? Did it seem like a good idea that any unsuspecting person can then exit a room and BE LOCKED OUT? I’ll tell ya something. It’s not a good idea.

Let’s just say a person decides to refill the dogs’ water dish which is located in the garage. Now that person is currently babysitting two puppies (along with her one) and they are door dashers. Not wanting the door dashers who may or may not be house-trained to come into the house, she pulls the door shut behind her to get the dogs’ water dish. Upon attempting to enter the house, she discovers that the door is locked. Now, being that it’s morning all of the exterior doors to the house are still locked tight from the night before. And while it may look easy on television, breaking a door down, even a crappy cheap hollow door, is not easy. It’s impossible!

Starting to panic now because (and I should have mentioned this earlier) her 11 month old son is in the house alone, roaming free. So her only recourse is to ask to use a neighbor’s phone and call someone to bring a key. Never mind that it’s 10:30 am in the morning and she’s still in her freakin’ pajamas. Never mind that said pajamas consist of a large t-shirt with glow-in-the-dark constellations all over it *and* the ‘my pregnant belly stretched the elastic so they’re really loose’ boxers. The neighbor is naturally bathed, dressed and nicely coiffed for watering her lawn.

After calmly berating the person she suspects locked the door to the garage she then has to go back into the garage and peer in through the window of the crappy, hollow but impossible to break down door to wait for rescue. Fortunately she can see her son right in front of the door calmly playing with stuff from the pantry. The pantry whose child proof restraint obviously wasn’t re-attached. She has to watch him pull all manner of foodstuffs from the shelves and laugh as he sees his mother peering in at him. She has to pray that he doesn’t get the lid off the olive oil again or that the bag of rice he’s shaking with abandon doesn’t tear.

Now, you tell me, with a start to a day like that you’d pretty much think your day was destined to suck. Wouldn’t you? I’ll let you know how it goes....

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Must-see Flick

Well, Mike and I had quite an enjoyable time at the movies. [Thank you, Tracey, for babysitting Calvin.] We went to see Whale Rider and let me tell ya, it was great. If this movie is showing in your town, go see it. You won't be disappointed.

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Adult Movie Nights

Since Duncan is out of town Mike and I have been able to have some adult movie nights. No, not those kinds of "adult" movies. We live in Oklahoma for cryin' out loud. You have to drive to Texas to rent more than soft-core. Just movies that Duncan would have absolutely no interest in and movies that we normally might have to watch after he went to bed.

First up was Spun, a sad little tale about the go nowhere lives of some meth users. I liked the way the director portrayed the meth high but overall the movie was kind of dull. Probably only recommended if you want to see Mena Suvari take a dump. And, yes, she really pulls her panties down and sits on that pot for her art.

Next we watched Secretary. I wanted to see this in the theater when it came out in 2002 but I don't think this movie ever made it to Oklahoma. We've got umpteen jillion movie theaters in OKC but the only one that shows anything remotely indie is the Quail Springs Mall AMC Theater. And then, they haven't been showing any indies during the summer so they can put such blockbusters as T3 and Gigli on more than one screen. Ooh, I just looked and they are showing Whale Rider right now. Believe me, this is the first for the summer. Of course, I could just get off my virtual ass and keep up-to-date on what the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is showing for their film series. Enough rambling.... Secretary was quite good. I recommend it.

Chutney Popcorn was next and we ended up watching it Saturday afternoon while Calvin napped. This one was okay. A little slow in spots and I wish the writer/directory, Nisha Ganatra, had gotten someone else besides herself to play the lead. She was a tad underwhelming as an actress. All you Crossing Jordan fans should check out this flick because Jill Hennessey is in it.

Last night we watched Miranda. I picked this one because 1) it has Christina Ricci in it and 2) it sounded interesting. Miranda is listed as a "romance/thriller" and while there was a romance I don't think it really qualifies as a thriller. Kyle MacLachlan was quite entertaining as a creepy wealthy investor who lusts after Ricci's character. Worth renting but don't expect a lot of action.

We've got two more movies to watch before Duncan makes it home and today we are actually going to a movie that isn't for kids. Woo hoo! I kind of wanted to see American Wedding mainly because of my crush on Alyson Hannigan. But Whale Rider is an indie and while I can see it in October at the Oklahoma Museum of Art if I don't support the one big chain that shows indies by actually seeing movies there then they might stop bringing in the small films. So it looks like Whale Rider it is.

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Cute Kid Stuff

Calvin (age 11 months)-August, 2003, showing what he's got in his mouth. A whole lotta nothin'.My 11 month old son, Calvin has started doing something really funny. When you ask him what he's got in his mouth (or as my older son says to him, "What you got?"), he opens his mouth really big to show you. It's a hoot and he's been asked to perform many times.

And to give the other kid some time here too, Duncan is having a fun time in Branson, Missouri (better him than me!). He and the grandmas went to Silver Dollar City yesterday and were planning on going today as well because they didn't see it all on Friday. That's certainly a change from when I went as a kid.

I wonder if they'll make him do one of those old-timey photos. My parents made us and you can tell by looking that I wasn't very happy about it at all. I'd post a copy of it here but I think the darn thing is packed in the garage and I'm too lazy to track it down.

Duncan will be back on Wednesday and I bet the first thing I hear on Thursday morning is, "I'm bored." Ah well, it's better than the silence.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

“Monumental Democratic” Presidential Forum

Our ticket to the 'Monumental' Democratic Presidential ForumMike and I trekked to the Democratic Presidential Forum in Stillwater, OK (and the lovely OSU campus) because it was an unprecedented event for Oklahoma and we're both pretty damn lonely liberals in a sometimes (okay, practically all of the time) ultra-conservative state. Plus Mike is a politics geek and he eats this stuff up.

We left OKC after lunch and arrived in Stillwater around 2:30. After hitting a McDonald's to pee and pick up an ice cream cone we found a nice parking spot near the Gallagher-Iba Arena and headed over to the Wes Watkins Center for International Trade Development (impressive sounding, huh?) to see what candidate info we could pick up and check out the promised free BBQ.

Two women, presumably teachers, who like Howard Dean. One of them is shy.I'm not too fond of crowds so Mike wandered through the crowd while I sat and people watched. After he checked the place out we went into the Wes Watkins Center and grabbed a bottle of water in the room designated for eating the BBQ. Neither one of us ate anything because we were still full from lunch (and our ice cream cones) but I did note that they had hot dogs, ham, polish sausages and chips for people to eat. Not too bad especially considering it was free.

One thing I did notice was people wearing t-shirts with the slogan "Democrats care." I'm so ticked off at the Democratic party right now my first cynical thought was it should read "Democrats care...if the polls tell them they should."

Other than that and a few candidate specific tees most people used stickers to get their points across. Mike was really nice and accepted stickers from just about anyone who offered. I don't know which of the candidates I like yet so I refused 'em all. Yes, I'm a big grouch.

We wandered a bit, went back outside and decided to wait for the arrival of Howard Dean. The forum venue wasn't going to let people in until 4 pm and Howard Dean was supposed to arrive at the Wes Watkins Center around 3:45 so we figured what the heck.

Randy McIlwain interviews a guy. Too bad you can't see Randy's ass.While waiting I watched the crowd. I saw a guy handing out Lou Barlow stickers. He's running against my current Representative Ernest Istook. I would love for Barlow to win but Istook seems to have a lock on his seat. Bleh.

I also got to see Randy McIlwain from Channel 5 do some interviews. Let me tell ya, you wouldn't know it from watching Randy on screen but he's got a really nice ass. Such a pity that being a talking head relegates him to above the waist shots only.

I also saw another channel 5 personality, Cherokee Ballard. She looked about like I expected and she had a really nice pedicure. If you're wondering, her ass was ok too. But not as nice as Randy's.

And to round off my OKC minor celebrity roll call, Tyler Suiters (channel 5 also) made an appearance. He's a lot taller than I thought he would be and he's really thin. As with most thin guys, his ass wasn't anything to write home about.

Around 3:50, with still no sign of Howard Dean, Mike decided to go amongst the crowd of people waiting for Howard Dean to arrive so he could get a couple of pictures. I sat in my little spot in the shade and alternately watched people and crushed these teeny-tiny black ants that had a bite like an ant ten times their size. Ouch.

Howard Dean signs a gal's shirt.While waiting I also got to see Carol Moseley Braun get into a car. She's very elegant. She's also far too liberal to be elected President but I like some of her ideas.

Howard Dean finally arrived around 4:15 and he gave a short but rousing speech to his supporters. I couldn't hear a word of it but Mike got a few good pics. After everyone cleared out we headed for the line to get into the Gallagher-Iba arena. We met a nice older couple from Choctaw who seem to be involved quite a bit in local Oklahoma politics.

The line was long but it moved quickly and we were in our seats by 5 pm. The forum was supposed to start at 5 but Kelly Ogle (Channel 9 talking head and one of the moderators) announced that the line outside was so long they were going to delay starting so everyone could get a seat. Evidently the organizers were only expecting around 3500 people and 5600 showed up. There was more than enough room in the arena because it wasn't even half full when everyone settled down.

Waiting in line.A small gripe about Kelly Ogle. He does these opinion bits on the news called "My Two Cents." They're never very interesting or controversial. Of course not. Don't want to alienate the viewers. But I remember him commenting on the controversy over a billboard in OKC advertising the Vagina Monologues which was being performed in town (maybe at Oklahoma City University?). Anyway, people were upset that the word "vagina" was out there for their children to read. He went right along with everyone and felt that it wasn't appropriate to have to explain to children before they were ready about what a vagina was. Excuse me, it's not like the billboard was for the "Fuck me doggie-style Monologues." Now *that* might have been difficult to explain to your young children. But what the heck is hard about explaining what a vagina is? Geez, it's a body part and boys don't have 'em. Get over it already.

The forum officially started at 5:25 pm. Unfortunately Al Sharpton wasn't going to be in attendance. He was "detained." That was too bad because I was interested in hearing what he had to say. Guess I'll visit his web site.

After a short prayer, the national anthem, and a short speech by Jay Parmley, head of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Governor Brad Henry came out and chatted a bit. Boy was I ever glad when he defeated that fundamentalist boob, Steve Largent. The only thing that could have been worse than having Frank Keating as our Governor was being saddled with Steve Largent. This is a pretty funny web site done by someone who *really* doesn't like ol' Stevie baby.

Anyway, I like Brad. He seems like a nice guy even if he is an Oklahoma style Democrat (read: still pretty conservative). His wife is super nice-looking. She gives schlubby guys everywhere hope that they too can marry a hot chick.

Inside the Gallagher-Iba Arena.Each candidate only got to talk for 12 minutes and they were questioned by Kelly Ogle and a Tulsa talking head, Terry Hood (KOTV). They started each candidate off with the same first question, "What would you have done differently than G.W. Bush regarding the events after 9/11?"

First up was Dennis Kucinich, a US Representative from Ohio. He seemed like a nice enough guy. He was very thin and kind of short. Reminded me a little bit of Barney Fife. He's also too liberal to get elected. Basically he was against attacking Iraq at all (a lot of cheers on that one) and he's big on universal health care. He's also got this whole "Department of Peace" idea which is so the antithesis of anything the neo-cons believe, I wonder if they get a laugh out of it. It's a nice idea though. I liked a lot of what he had to say but again, I'm realistic, and he doesn't have a chance in hell of being the Democratic nominee for President.

Carol Moseley Braun was up next and the same question was posed to her. She felt that Congress "abdicated its responsibility to declare war." She also blasted G.W. Bush for not working with the international community more (a common theme for the forum). She also thought that G.W. Bush should have continued the hunt for Bin Laden instead of pursuing the "misadventures in Iraq." She also does not like the Patriot Act one bit.

I believe she was the first candidate who was asked the gay marriage question. No hemming and hawing from Carol, she is for legalizing gay marriage. Quite a few cheers for that which surprised me although some folks behind us and to the right of me were not liking that one bit. One guy even booed while people cheered. Dork. She likened the opposition to gay marriage today to the opposition to black/white unions in the 1950s. She said a lot of the same verbiage was used by the opposition crowd.

Anyway, Mike's comment on her was he'd love to see her as Attorney General rather than John Ashcroft. Amen to that. But like Dennis Kucinich she's too liberal to get elected in the US.

Joe Lieberman came out next looking very dapper as he always does. On being asked the post 9/11 question he said that some things he would have done the same. For example, he supported the President on going after Saddam Hussein. The crowd didn't like that but Joe countered with something along the lines of at least you know I'll tell you what I really believe even if I think you're not gonna like it. Mike thought that was a pretty good save. Joe doesn't like the way the President is handling post-Saddam Iraq. He would like to see more international involvement in getting Iraq settled.

Most of the candidates faulted Bush for his handling of the economy. Big surprise there. He voted against the 2001 tax cuts and blames the crappy economy on a loss of consumer confidence post 9/11 and the corporate scandals and the "fiscal irresponsibility" of the Bush administration. He would not, however, repeal all of the Bush tax cuts. The middle class tax cuts would be kept.

Lieberman, not surprisingly, was against gay marriage. The crowd actually hissed when he said he voted for the defense of marriage act. Ol' Joe doesn't want gays and lesbians to marry but he went on about how he supports legislation to protect them against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. When asked what about the economic component to marriage and the discrimination inherent in that (yay, Terry Hood, good question) he responded that he supports legislation to give "gay partners" certain rights.

Carol Moseley-Braun is grilled mercilessly. Not really.Unfortunately Joe Lieberman probably has a good shot at being the Democratic nominee. He's got the power and the name recognition and the boneheads in the party would see him as being just moderate enough (but with some good ol' conservative values) that he might have a chance of defeating Bush. I think Bush would win against Lieberman but perhaps that's just me.

Dick Gephardt was up next. He also voted with G.W. Bush on invading Iraq but that Bush hadn't "excecuted" it the right way. Bush should be using NATO and the UN especially in the aftermath. It's costing the US too much.

He moseyed on into the economy and got a rousing cheer when he talked about the Clinton economic plan that gave the US a surplus. "In 24 months this President has messed it all up!" Lots of cheers for that one, let me tell ya. He wants to get rid of the Bush tax cuts and supports universal health insurance.

Gephardt has a lot of union support so he talked about NAFTA and rah-rahed Unions a bit. His Dad was a milkman who was in a Union. Stressed his humble beginnings in St. Louis. Here's where he really sounded like a politician. Gephardt probably stands a good chance for the nomination too because he's pretty middle-of-the-road and well-known. He leaves me lukewarm though.

Next up was Howard Dean. Mike thought he got one of the biggest rounds of applause from the crowd. They were pretty enthusiastic and he did get a louder reception than Dick Gephardt.

He said that President Bush did a lot of things right after 9/11. But the problem is Bush said a lot of things and then didn't follow through with them. Dean feels that Bush is squandering money and not on security for our country. He also said he won't send Americans to die in a foreign country without telling the American people the truth about why he's sending them. A lot of cheering and applause from the crowd. Mike's aside to me: "Stony silence from the Lieberman people behind us."

Dean also said that Bush should have cooperated with the UN and continued sanctions (not sure I agree with that--the sanctions weren't working). The time to remove Saddam Hussein was during the first Gulf War. The crowd liked that too. He also pointed out that for six presidents the US contained the Soviet Union which was a greater threat than Iraq ever was. Why? Because the people in those countries wanted to be like America. Bush has destroyed that feeling throughout the world. The crowd really liked that.

Howard Dean was asked how he would handle the problems we have with our Social Security system. Predictably he wants the wealthy "to pay their fair share." When asked if we should raise the age for receiving social security, Dean replied, "If you keep George Bush as President you probably will have to raise the age." That got a laugh from the audience. He then said that if you have a strong economy you don't have to tinker with social security.

He admitted that the economic downturn after 9/11 would have probably happened anyway. Then, and this was something he mentioned more than once, he ragged on the President for giving tax cuts to "Ken Lay and his cronies." He also said he wouldn't have cut taxes at all with the current economy. "Most people would gladly pay the same taxes they paid when Bill Clinton was President if they could have the same economy." Another crowd pleaser.

Dean is for tax cuts for small business because they create more jobs and they don't leave the US. He'd also like to see pensions be protected by having them run independently and making them portable. And, if a US corporation moves its money overseas in order to avoid taxes the US shouldn't do business with them. Oooh, I liked that one and so did the crowd.

The final speaker was John Edwards who is just too gorgeous for his own good. And he's got a to die for Southern accent. He played up his rural America background-first person in his family to go to college, bootstrap beginnings, for the workin' man, etc. etc.

John Edwards also supported President Bush on the war in Iraq but doesn't think the President is doing a good job getting Iraq back on its feet. He wants to see more international involvement. "Lead in a way that creates respect for America and every single family in America will be safe." The crowd liked that line quite a bit. He also said the President should have taken responsibility for what he said about Iraq and nuclear material.

He voted against the Bush tax cut and said that we need a President who "understands that a job is more than a paycheck." He started to sound like a politician here because he started in on his humble background and his ability to beat the tough odds. He would also like to stop tax breaks for corporations who move their operations overseas. He would rather give them tax breaks to stay in the US.

Predictably he doesn't support gay marriage. But he does support partner benefits, blah, blah, respect not discrimination. [jerking off motion]

I don't think he has a chance of getting the nomination simply because he's too new and seen as being inexperienced. Maybe next election cycle he can make a good bid but he strikes me as more of a running mate. You know, pull a Dan Quayle and draw in those women voters. [I'm kidding. Sort of.]

Anyway, that was it. Bob Graham and John Kerry couldn't attend the Forum which was a shame. I'll just have to check out their web sites for more information on them. But as you probably already guessed, I was the most impressed with Howard Dean. He's one feisty guy and I liked what he had to say on just about everything. I think he's probably too much of an outsider for the Dems to nominate him but we'll see....

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Mike and I survived the Democratic Presidential Forum but I didn't get around to posting about it today. Hopefully I can get to it tomorrow. We even took some pictures. Woo!

Duncan left for his trip to Silver Dollar City today with his grandmas. It sure was quiet around the house. I think Cal got bored with me. It's gonna be a long six days.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

This gave me a giggle. Mike and I are attending this shindig in Stillwater where seven out of nine of the Democratic Presidential candidates are going to schmooze and answer questions. The funny part is this: Oklahoma Democrats Announce Monumental Presidential Forum. Gotta love that hype, huh?

I especially love the quote at the beginning about how "Oklahoma has made the move to become a major player in the nominating process and the candidates have taken note." This all comes from the fact that the OK state legislature moved Oklahoma's presidential primary up so Oklahoma could get some of that early primary attention a la New Hampshire. *sigh* Maybe it'll work. My feeling on the Democratic Presidential candidates coming here is that they can't afford to be ignoring anybody, even a die-hard Republican state like Oklahoma. G.W. Bush has so much money and support the Dems are running scared. So scared they'll even waste a day in Oklahoma. I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and on a G.W. Bush note, we got our $800 child credit check yesterday. I love how the check has "tax relief for America's families" printed on it. I give that statement a big *pffffttttttt*. Tax relief my ass. That $800 is going to be taken out by state and local taxes because the federal government has had to cut back on so much of its aid to help pay for this bogus tax cut and to pay for the war on terrorism and the clusterfuck in Iraq. Oh, but here's my metaphorical cock, Mr. President, please blow me. Sorry, not gonna fall for that bait and switch.

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Monday, August 11, 2003

Okay, what the frick about the name Comic Book Reviews Net Ring is confusing? Isn't it pretty evident by the name that it's a net ring (or web ring) for web sites that have comic book reviews? I even explain that on the CBReviews Net Ring home page. So tell me why do I keep getting people who want to join the ring who 1) are a publisher site or 2) want to sell their freakin' comics? Is it just that they're trying to put one past me or are they truly not comprehending the purpose of the ring? Sheesh!

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Sunday, August 10, 2003

Woo hoo hoo! I'm finished with my Creeping Flesh 'zine for the Phoenix APA. I didn't procrastinate! That's quite an accomplishment for me. Anyway, it's all packed up and ready to head out the door on Monday. I'm giddy with the sheer thrill of being done five whole days before the deadline.

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Check out Becky Cloonan's work at her web site, Estrigious Studio. She is soooo talented.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Am I the only one who thinks "what an asshole" when you see someone driving a Hummer? I mean, what the fuck is up with people buying this car? Are they expecting the end of civilization and a need to plow right over debris and dead bodies?

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Friday, August 08, 2003

We're going to the Omniplex today. My aunt Gail and cousin Kelsey are coming from Lawton to visit for the day and since it's so friggin' hot they decided going to the Omniplex would be a great outing. Plus Kelsey's never been. We've been lots of times but Duncan loves the place. Calvin is less impressed but he's mobile enough now to have a heckuva fun time in the baby area. I figure I'll spend some time there with him while they wander and look at the exhibits.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Nothing much going on here at the Hodge Lodge. It's dang hot in Oklahoma but we did get some rain finally. Hooray! I haven't watered the lawn any this summer so it was lookin' mighty brown before the rain.

I'm working on getting my 'zine done for the Phoenix APA (deadline 8/15). Most of this issue of the Creeping Flesh will probably be mailing comments because I'm a couple of issues behind on those. They're easy enough to do but time-consuming because I have to sit and read in front of the computer and type my comments as I read. I find reading the APA first and then trying to remember what I wanted to comment on doesn't work for me. I've got to either have paper and pencil while I'm reading or type 'em as I read.

Right now our house stinks of salmon. Duncan requested salmon patties for dinner and since I couldn't think of anything better to make I agreed. But, gawd, do they stink up the place. Even cooking them in the oven doesn't help the stench.

I turned the piano on for Cal to bang on and he hit the keys a few times and then decided to turn his attentions to the piano bench. He promptly knocked it on its side and is now climbing all over the thing. And I want this kid to start walking?

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Sunday, August 03, 2003

I'm a fan of Xena uber fan fiction. What the heck is Xena uber fan fiction? Here's a good description although this site focuses on Janeway/ Seven of Nine uber fic. I'm not sure how the quantity of Xena uber fic stands up to the Janeway/Seven of Nine camp but there is a lot of Xena uber fic. Heck, there's a lot of Xena fan fiction in general. Some of it's pretty darn good. So I thought every now and then I would spotlight a particular author that I enjoy.

Stories by Zuke contains some of the most laugh-out-loud funny fiction that I've read. I can always count on Zuke to write an entertaining story with smart and funny characters. She also excels at twisting the reader's guts with solid doses of angst as shown in 'Are We Being Graded on a Curve?' and the terribly touching 'Hand in Hand.' Read Zuke's stories because they're all winners.

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Okay, I admit it. I was being overly pessimistic about the STAR party at our house. It actually turned out to be all right. Quite a few folks showed up and I only burned four of the hamburgers and lost one to the evil grill (it fell between the grill slats). I successfully cooked all of the hot dogs with nary a one lost. Most of the food was eaten but we did get left with a bunch of chips and a bottle of Mountain Dew. I'll have to find some Mountain Dew lover to give that to since no one in our household drinks the stuff.

Anyway, plenty of good food was eaten, a few folks watched DVDs and more folks hung out in our computer/musical instrument/game cube/toy room (no, not *those* kinds of toys) and filked. I've never hung out in the filk rooms at SF cons but I always thought it was a nice way to pass the time. We've got quite a few club members who enjoy singing and playing musical instruments so our house was perfect for that activity since Mike's got five guitars, one crappy electric base, an electronic piano, a drum set, a concertina and a ukele. I've got a couple of harmonicas but I'm nowhere near proficient enough to play them in front of others.

It was a nice way to christen the new house and I'm sure we'll do it again. STAR people are always mellow and never leave a big mess behind. What more could you ask from your guests?

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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Well, it's time for the monthly STAR OKC meeting once again. There probably won't be a very large turn-out because summertime attendance at meetings is always crap. We did volunteer to host the after meeting party now that we're in the bigger house. It's going to be a cook-out and sit around and chat or watch movies or goof around with the musical instruments kinda evening. It should be fun.

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Friday, August 01, 2003

I was going to review Fade From Blue and got so far behind in my comic reading I ended up with about six issues of this title in my to read pile. After I finally got around to reading them I was very impressed with the quality of this comic. Not only is the story better than most of the family dramas on television but the art is fantastic. If you like intelligent, gripping and laugh out loud funny comics then pick up this title. The creators are planning on doing a collection of the first issues so if you can't find back issues anywhere then pick that up when it comes out.

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