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Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe (cd single)
Warner Music [ 1994
(Tracks 3 / Total Time 13:29)

Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe CD SingleNo matter how hard you try I doubt you’ll find this CD and it’s a shame too because two of the songs just aren’t on any other Whale album.

Whale hails from Sweden (homeland of ABBA and Ace of Base) and one of their missions is to make it up to the world for Sweden being the origin of Ace of Base.

I won this CD single back in ‘95 from a college radio station (KRUX in Las Cruces, NM) and it’s always had an interesting place in my CD collection. My wife keeps trying to get me to take this to a used CD store and I keep listening to it and wanting to keep it.

You have to be in the mood for Whale. The songs aren’t normal and the instrumentation isn’t normal. The closest thing I’ve found to it would be the Sugarcubes’ albums before Bjork left for a solo career.

"Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe," a song supposedly about a girl who likes having sex with homeless men and gets grief for it, was written a day and a half in 1993; seven years after Whale formed in 1986 as the Southern Whale Cult. This was their first American success (and not very successful at that). In 1995 they put out a full album with "Hobo" called We Care. If you want this song you’ll need to get that album, available from both cdnow and musicblvd.

It’s too bad you can’t find this CD single anywhere because the real highlight is a song called "EYE 8 4 2" that is a multi-layered techno-industrial performance art piece that reminds me of Big Pig, Bjork, NiN, and some rap by the Red Hot Chili Peppers all put in a blender and pureed until smooth.

Whale has a new album out called All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones. From the samples I heard on CDNow it sounds like a pretty good evolution for the band.

Whale can be found online at or at the official Whale site at



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