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These are the music reviews I have done, mainly for my wife's APA 'zine, The Creeping Flesh. Some of these also appeared in the now defunct Phoenix area alternative 'zine Kluttered Visions. Left to my own devices I buy more techno and female singers but the occasional guitar band catches my ear and I'll buy them to see if the radio hit is any indication of a good album or just a polished gem in a pile of mediocre crap.

I used to listen to KRUX in Las Cruces, New Mexico and hear all sorts of good music you can't hear anywhere else. It was the first place I heard Cibo Matto and Chemical Brothers. I really liked that they would give away stuff because so few people listened to the station that I could almost always win. That's where the Whale CD came from (reviewed below). But I've since moved to Oklahoma City where there just isn't a good alternative station. When I can get it I listen to KSPI out of Stillwater (where OSU is). They're a pretty good station. The only place in Oklahoma that'll play something like KMFDM or Lucinda Williams.

When I'm at work I get Internet radio and mainly listen to KSPI (finally) but the connection isn't that good or The womb (a techno pirate radio station from Miami, FL). When these two are crapping out I'll listen to an alternative station out of Austin (KROX) or one out of Vermont (WEQX) -- isn't the Internet grand. I can only connect into real audio streams that use http so only about a third of the ones I try work -- boo hoo. I encourage all of you to go to my bookmarks page and check out the music links. I should write an autobiography of my musical tastes but that'll be for another day.

From March 1999

Chemical Brothers - Brothers Gonna Work It Out

Fastball - All the Pain Money Can Buy

Garbage - Version 2.0

Meat Beat Manifesto - Actual Sounds and Voices

P J Harvey - Is This Desire?

Liz Phair - WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg

Skunk Anansie - Paranoid and Sunburnt

Towa Tei - Sound Museum

Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe CD Single

Whitchblade - Songs of the Whitchblade

From December 1998

Richard Buckner - Since

Cosmic Slop Shop - Da Family

Dark Funeral - Vobiscum Satanus

DollsHead - Frozen Charlotte

The Enkindels - Buzzclip 2000

Galactic Cowboys - At The End Of The Day

The Gandharvas - Sold For A Smile

Simon Joyner - The Christine EP

King's X - Tape Head

The Lurkers - Greatest Hit: Last Will and Testament ...

Metal Blade Records - Five Albums Too Lame To Review

Mock Orange - Nines and Sixes

Monster Voodoo Machine - Direct Reaction Now!

Six By Seven - CD Single

Sublime - Stand By Your Van: Live

Skycycle - Breathing Water

Talas - If We Only Knew Then What We Know Now ...

From September 1998

Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights

Crawling With Tarts - I Am Telephoning A Star

Danielle Howle and the Tantrums - Do A Two Sable

Grita Label Sampler 1998 - Checkeetout

Los Infernos - Planet Kaos

Stereo Crush - Momentum

Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Plays Lost TV Themes

Various Artists on Resistor Records - From Portland With Love

Welt - Kicked In The Teeth Again

Whippersnapper - America's Favorite Pastime

Mucho Maas at The Creeping Flesh