LOT 49 --Conspiracies in the life of Michael Hodge

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THESE are my web pages. Read them and weep -- for the time you waste here you can never get back.


I've moved already.

You can still get here from www.lot49.org but the http://lot49.tripod.com site will only redirect you back here.

I've not updated these pages in quite a while. But that doesn't mean I'm not putting new stuff on the web. I've been playing with Blogger. This is a great way to update your website from anywhere. Right now I'm mainly putting new content on The Flooby WebLog. You can jump there to see the very latest in goings on with me and my pathetic waste of time (otherwise known as my life). I'm sure that as soon as I win my very own $10 million dollars that I'll fully incorporate these pages into the www.flooby.com site. I may even let the www.lot49.org domain go back to networksolutions and just focus on the one domain. So read all of the good stuff that's here but check out the weblog for the really recent stuff. And don't forget to check out Duncan's site ( www.flooby.com/duncan ) for recent pictures of the family. Since they almost always have Duncan in them I just put them up on his site.

OLD STUFF (May 3, 2000)

Moving Soon ...

We just got a domain for my wife. You can get to it at Flooby.com. I've already had my domain Lot49.org redirected to that home page. We made sure we are on a NT server so I can write a little ASP to autoredirect people coming to lot49.org to the subdirectory with this site in it. But, of course, I'm pretty busy at work doing web programming so this site sits and languishes waiting for a shred of attention. I've built a nice ASP page publishing system at work and I'd like to incorporate elements of that into this site. So look at Flooby and don't be surprised if there's a redirect page here soon.

(January 25, 2000)

Just a self promoting note. I called in to the Diane Rehm show (nationally distributed on NPR stations) on Jan. 13, 2000 when they were talking to Douglas Coupland. In an amazing mistake on their part I actually got on the air and asked Coupland a question.

The link below launches the radio broadcast into Realaudio (needs to be installed before listening).

I recommend listening to the whole show but if you want to skip to my section jump ahead to 42:00 and listen until 45:30

Douglas Coupland:
"Miss Wyoming"

A conversation with Douglas Coupland, who named a generation with the title of his first novel, "Generation X." His latest novel tells the story of two show-business burnouts who are made for each other.

Published by Pantheon.

(December 27, 1999)

The redesigned web site for Integris-Health.com will go live on January 1, 2000.

(September 28, 1999)
The TEST Rant has been moved to the writing section.

(July 20, 1999)
I've found a whole lot of BAD ATTITUDE POSTERS you should check them out. I'm mainly working on my son's site so to see the new stuff you have to go to Duncan's Fantabulous Web Page.

(April 1, 1999) This started out as just doing music reviews for my wife for The Creeping Flesh. TCF is a 'zine she puts in a Vertigo and alternative comics amateur press association publication called Gothik APA. After nearly 40 reviews I decided to create an archive of them since only the most recent set is kept on TCF. Along the way I added in almost every aspect of my life.

I'll add things as I can and try to point out the new stuff.

If you have music or a book you'd like me to review, please email me and I'll send you an address.

If you send it, I'll review it and send you an email when it is up. I don't guarantee to like it but I'll try to be fair and steer people who might really like it to the album or book.


My name is Michael Hodge and I am a 35 year old Webmaster for Integris Health in Oklahoma City, OK. I am the web development guru for the Internet and Intranet site and I'm generally in charge of the Web servers. Previously I spent my days doing Oracle, developing workflow applications for an Exchange/Outlook platform, designing small Access databases, doing small programs in VB6, and troubleshooting the hospital's patient accounting system when it really messed up. It filled my days but now I'm really happy doing Active Server Page development and Web Design and I like the people I work with.

Tamara, Duncan and me (l. to r.)

I am married to a very tolerant woman named Tamara and we have a 3 year old son named Duncan. You can see pictures of Duncan and a list of the other sites that Tamara and I do at our Empty Hodge Home Page.

You can read my life story, my diary, and my writing to find out just how screwed up I really am.

For the most part I like music, reading, tinkering with stuff, geeking out over computers and writing. I keep trying to be a writer but so far I'm too easily distracted to produce much. Looking at my resumé you can see that I have been an editor at a New York City magazine. I also did freelance writing in Las Cruces, New Mexico. If I get totally bored and desperate for something to do to keep me from writing, I'll type those in (or try and scan them with OCR).

Enjoy the pages, write me e-mail, send me albums. Offer me a fat contract to put all of this together into a pop cultural phenomenon for sale online at Amazon.com.

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