Castle Waiting #2
[Cartoon Books $2.95 US $4.50 CAN B&W]
Written & Illustrated by Linda Medley
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Castle Waiting vol. 2 #2Why am I even bothering to review this comic? If you read my review of Castle Waiting #1 you’ve probably come to the conclusion that I’m going to love issue two. Well, you’d be right.

In “Solicitine Part Two” Sister Peace’s tale continues as she and Nessie make their escape from the circus and Nessie’s horrible husband. Things start to look up for the pair until Nessie’s husband literally sics the bloodhounds on their trail. Fortunately the good sisters of Saint Wilgeforte’s are adept at protecting their Abbey and anyone who happens to request sanctuary.

This issue is crammed with suspense, villainy, heroism and humor. Medley’s story and characters continue to delight with their believability and sheer entertainment value. If I had to come up with one complaint about Castle Waiting it would be that the issues aren’t long enough. I never want the story to end when it does and then I have to deal with the agony of waiting a couple of months for the next one.

If you consider yourself to be a person who loves the comic storytelling form you should be reading this series.

If you can’t find this title on your local shop’s shelves write to Cartoon Books, P.O. Box 16973, Columbus, OH 43216 or visit and order it on-line. You can also visit Linda Medley’s Castle Waiting site at [dead link].